Roadside Assistance

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Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance  | Battleground Towing Services - Gaffney, SC

Battleground Towing Services provides professional, quick-response roadside assistance throughout the greater Gaffney, SC area, whether you’re on the highway or in your driveway. As always, our focus is on you and your emergency. We pledge to be there when you need us, and that means dispatching the fastest service possible after we receive you call.

Our roadside assistance services include:

Fuel Delivery—We may be embarrassed to admit it, but it’s not all that uncommon for drivers to run out of gas. We can deliver the fuel you need to top off your tank or just enough to get you home or to the nearest gas station. It sure beats a long walk carrying a gas can.

Battery Services—Whether your battery needs charged or just jump started we can get your car running again. If your battery has reached the end of its life, we can install a replacement.

Tire Changing—Many drivers have never had to change a tire. It’s not the easiest thing to do for the first time when alongside a road at night. There are many safety concerns, not the least of which is oncoming traffic. A jack that is faulty, not used properly or resting on an uneven surface is an obvious danger when supporting your car. Call us for fast, professional roadside assistance. We’ll change your tire safely and get you back on the road.

Winching—This is sometimes referred to as extrication service. When your vehicle is off the road and stuck in mud, in snow, or in a ditch, we can provide winching service to pull it back near the road so that it can be towed, if necessary. Our winching service can also restore your vehicle to an upright position if it’s rolled over or on its side due to an accident.

Don’t confuse the level of service we provide with many of the ‘free’ options available from carmakers and big-box warehouse clubs. If your car needs towing, we are free to take it to the repair shop of your choice, not just your local new car dealer’s service department. And you can expect a level of service from us---a dedicated roadside services provider---that’s superior to what you get from a membership throw-in provided by your local big-box club.

Call Battleground Towing Services for prompt, professional roadside assistance!

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