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There’s nothing more aggravating than vehicle lockouts, and they seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Whether keys were locked inside the car, or they were somehow lost after locking the car, lockouts can leave you feeling helpless and panicked.

Battleground Towing Services can resolve vehicle lockouts, no matter what the cause and without damage to your vehicle. Fast, effective lockout resolution is the perfect complement to the quality roadside assistance and towing services we provide. We’ve helped countless locked-out drivers in the Gaffney, SC area get back into their cars quickly.

We are able to unlock any make or model of car, including high-security models, as well as vans and tractor-trailer cabs. Our trained and experienced technicians can solve any of the following lockout problems:

Doors, Trunks—We can open any external lock on your vehicle. Even if you’ve locked your keys in the trunk, we’ll get you back inside fast!

Glove Compartments—Lockouts can occur even inside your vehicle. We’ll help you retrieve your vehicle registration or the wheel-lock key you need to change your flat tire. Better yet, let us open your glove box and change your flat, too!

Ignitions¬—We can remove keys broken off inside the ignition.

Key Replacement—Getting back inside your vehicle is only half the battle if you’ve lost your keys. Our locksmiths can provide replacements.

Not having keys to your car is just as bad as a vehicle breakdown---it leaves you stranded and feeling vulnerable. Battleground Towing Services is a trusted provider of car lockout services in the Gaffney, SC area. If you’re stuck on the outside looking in, call us!

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