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When you need towing, most often it’s an emergency. Your vehicle is broken down somewhere, or you’ve just been involved in...

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There’s nothing more aggravating than vehicle lockouts, and they seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Whether keys were...

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Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance  | Battleground Towing Services - Gaffney, SC,SC

Battleground Towing Services provides professional, quick-response roadside assistance throughout the greater Gaffney...

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Welcome To Battleground Towing Services

When you need a towing company, it’s usually not because you’ve had something good happen to you. You may have just been in an accident, you may have a flat tire, you may have a dead battery, or maybe your car won’t start due to a mechanical breakdown. A towing company can bring a bit of relief in an otherwise unpleasant situation, but choosing the wrong one could make matters worse.

Residents of the greater Gaffney, SC area can trust Battleground Towing Services to come to the rescue. We answer your call for help with professional, competent and reliable service delivered around the clock at a reasonable price. Our goal is simple: to deliver a full range of dependable roadside services with integrity whenever you need us.

When you’re stranded alongside the road with a broken down car, you feel vulnerable---even at the mercy of a towing company. Battleground Towing Services conducts business from our customers’ point of view. We know you may feel a bit helpless, frustrated or even angry due to your roadside emergency. We treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated were we in the same situation. Word of mouth travels fast and we know that taking advantage of people is no way to build a business.

Battleground Towing Services dispatches trained operators and up-to-date towing equipment in response to your roadside emergency. We send the right tow truck for the job and our knowledgeable, experienced operators know how to execute a tow without damaging your vehicle. We tow everything from cars to motorcycles to trucks and can even haul storage buildings to a new location.

More than just a towing company, we offer a full range of roadside assistance services. We are here when you need us in an emergency. We can deliver fuel when you run out of gas, jump start an undercharged battery or help with tire problems. If you’ve locked your keys in your car, we can help with our professional lockout services.

Throughout the greater Gaffney, SC area, Battleground Towing Services has built a reputation for honest, professional roadside assistance. Call now---we’re here when you need us!

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